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What is Level up your health?

Level Up Your Health is a project aimed to promote and foster the connection between esports and physical health. Esports brings with itself many positive effects such as increased reactionary abilities, increased tempo-spatial and deductive thinking, increased decisiveness, but primarily the ability to work together towards a uniform goal.

One thing however that gaming does not contribute to, is the physical status and health of its participants. It is easy for an esports athlete or enthusiast gamer who is on their station 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, to not move more than within their confined space. This in turn leads to a significant stress and wear on the gamers bodies - resulting in poorer health. Our goal with this project is to get gamers to realise that they can both train physically and in-game, and that it subsequently will benefit them individually and in their careers as professional esports athletes.

How do I earn points?

To earn points in Level Up Your Health you simply bring your camera/phone and take pictures while you exercise. To get your points you will have to take three pictures, more specifically: one before, one during and one after. Each exercise gives you 2 points per hour, if you also submit a video that will give you an additional 2 points.
Preparing a meal from the book: Kokbok for Gamers som inte orkar and taking a picture of the meal gives you 2 points. Below follows a few examples.

  • Gym for 1 hour + 3 pictures = 2 points.
  • Walking for 2 hours. ( ie. Pokémon-hunting ) + 3 pictures + a video = 6 points
  • Preparing a meal and taking a picture of it, and eat it of course = 2 points
  • Running for 4 hours, but no pictures = 0 points. So make sure to snap those pics!


Name Team Points Hours
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE 156 60
Rasmus Sandström Keita Gaming 42 19
Albin Engberg Keita Gaming 30 12
Andreas Silfverling Keita Gaming 18 9
Jonas Renngård Keita Gaming 12 6
Jakob Karvonen CSGOSWE 12 5
Sebastian Gabrielsson CSGOSWE 12 6
Magnus Pastuhoff Keita Gaming 4 2
Dan Andréasson Keita Gaming 4 2
Kalle Lundgren Keita Gaming 4 2

Latest Workouts

Name Team Workout Points
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 10
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 4
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 8
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 4
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Running 4
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 6
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 8
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 10
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 10
Joel Wiklund CSGOSWE Walking 12